Embed security within your software development lifecycle

Security in Continues Integration

Application security is often tackled in a backwards fashion -- a penetration test is performed as the application is ready for production deployment, vulnerabilities are uncovered and are either hastily patched or become accepted risks. Security then becomes an expensive bandaid without ever getting to the root of the problems.

Our Secure Development service reviews how software is built at your company, from requirement to implementation phase and assess the technology stacks. We develop a solution inclusive of tools and policies to enforce security checks in your software development lifecycle.

This makes security tests a part of your continuous integration processes, enforces security standards on your software, and identifies security weaknesses early in your SDLC.

We have experience working with startup to large development teams and are proud to service leading software development enterprises in Australia and abroad.

Our methodology®

Understand your development lifecycle, continuous integration processes, technology stacks, team dynamics and software components

Phase 1

Engage with stakeholders to develop a threat model and to get clear view of your threat landscape

Phase 2
Threat modelling

Design and implement a solution inclusive of tools and policies to embed security checks in your software development lifecycle

Phase 3

Provide necessary handover and training for maintaining the solution.
Contact us to receive the full detail of our methodology.

Phase 4

Our focus areas

Our focus areas for the secure development lifecycle includes but are not limited to:


Strategy & metrics, policy & compliance, security maturity & awareness

Requirements & design

Threat landscape, security requirements, secure architecture


Static analysis, code review, secure methods and third-party libraries


Dynamic analysis, fuzz testing, attack surface review


Environment hardening, vulnerability management, incident response plan

Why elttam?

A structured methodology built on proven best-practices (Microsoft SDL, OpenSAMM)

A team with an established reputation and over a decade of experience

Tailored security services to fit any project or business

Providing services to global software companies and ASX listed enterprises

Made in Australia!

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