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Fuze Multi-Card Technology Security Review

Reviewing the security of the Fuze card device revealed no trust boundary between the card and the connecting device, which allowed complete access to the Fuze card's settings and stored credit-card information. This may easily be abused by malware, or direct connection by an attacker with momentary physical access, and was disclosed to the vendor in January 2018.
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Remote LD_PRELOAD Exploitation

Analysing a vulnerability in all versions of the GoAhead web server < 3.6.5 that allowed for reliable remote code execution via LD_PRELOAD injection.
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Building Hardened Docker Images from Scratch with Kubler

How to use Kubler to build hardened, minimalistic, Docker Images from scratch for better security
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Intro to SDR and RF Signal Analysis

We take a brief look into Radio Frequency (RF) theory, Software Defined Radio (SDR), and visual analysis of various RF signal characteristics. We discover a good methodology for reversing RF signals, along with some simple analysis of some common RF remote devices that might be found around the home.
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Playing with canaries

Analysis of compiler stack canaries and their implementation across various architectures.
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